Welcome to Silverdale United Rugby and Sports Club.

Our Vision is to be New Zealand’s leading community-based sports club promoting a progressive, enthusiastic and friendly environment to encourage participation from all Club members and the community.

Our mission is to promote rugby, while remembering the history of the Club, by;

  • Providing excellent facilities to encourage spectating and socialising in a hospitable, safe and friendly environment.
  • Encouraging players and team officials in our community, to develop to their highest potential in a culture promoting commitment, fairness, enjoyment, integrity, respect and success.
  • Providing excellence in governance and administration.

Junior Rugby at SUR&SC

At Junior level our aim is to support our membership to maximise their enjoyment of our club activities, ensuring that the players are at the centre of the experience and the club is efficiently run and is financially sustainable.  To foster an environment where players and supporters feel that they belong.

This will ensure players are retained and will return to the club in the future.

We are committed to fostering a Climate of Development and support the Good Sports initiative.  Good Sports aims to create positive sporting experiences for Kiwi kids by supporting and educating the key adult influencers in children’s sport: caregivers, coaches, teachers and sport leaders.

We support and endorse New Zealand Rugby’s Applaud initiative.  A positive environment for everyone to enjoy rugby is at the heart of APPLAUD; a New Zealand Rugby initiative to encourage supporters to be good sports at schools and clubs and also to stamp out anti-social side-line behaviour.

Our Junior Committee

We have a Junior Committee who is passionate about our children’s enjoyment of the game.  The Committee’s main functions are:

  • Assist with the development of coaching talent in the club and provide resources to enable coaches to develop the kids to the best of their ability
  • Ensure coaches and managers are well informed about club activities
  • Fundraise for the club
  • Organise Events
  • Arrange teams
  • Proactively deal with issues raised by the membership to the best of our ability – protect and enhance the club’s reputation
  • Support NHRU initiatives on the Hibiscus Coast & co-ordinate our activities with NHRU
  • Facilitate teams’ attendance at tournaments and tours

The following people are currently involved in our Junior Committee.  They are all active participants in junior rugby and are themselves involved in club administration, management, coaching, refereeing and managing teams.  They are here to support the development of rugby at junior level on the Hibiscus coast and to support the club’s vision.





Annalese Bromley

Club Manager


021 373 793

Garrick Henderson

Director of Junior Rugby


021 036 2016

Paul Thompson

Junior Chairman


021 747 839

Myka Copeland

Junior Administrator


021 893 757

(Willy) Mike Wilson

Coaching Coordinator


022 037 5124

Paul Thompson

J1/J2 Liaison


021 747 839

Garrick Henderson

J1/J2 Liaison


021 036 2016

Dan Opperman

J3/J4 Liaison


021 378 697

Ryan Hewitt

J5 Liaison


027 227 9501

Stephen Arnott

J6 Liaison


021 830 026

Nikki Shadbolt

Girls Rippa/Rip Liaison


021 277 8850

Myka Copeland

Girls Rippa/Rip Liaison


021 893 757

Ryan Simpson

Boys Rip Liaison


021 229 7139

Scott Sherer

Rippa Co-ordinator J7


022 277 7625

Lane Felise

Rippa Co-ordinator J8


021 911 733

If you are interested in “giving back” to your community and getting involved rugby at Silverdale then please contact us to discuss this.  We are always looking for people with the right skills, experience and motivation to join our team of community leaders.  Joining the committee is a great opportunity to make new contacts and friends in the local area, gain experience in a great community organisation and earn the satisfaction of being part of one New Zealand’s largest junior rugby clubs!